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Dr Rateb Al-Nabulsi

Dr Rateb Al-Nabulsi

Dialogue ...Awareness..Coexistence

Omani youth organization believes in the importance of values and promotion for the advancement of society, is a directive for all Omanis have a love of work to develop themselves and contribute to their service. The Foundation's values in transforming enterprise values of concrete reality in the community with the love of serving the country and contributing to the renaissance. And public policies for "harmony," the organization is looking forward to cooperate with state institutions to achieve common goals and to activate the role of the Omani youth in the organization by participating effectively in ideas and projects. As well as seeking to open the way to view the various perceptions and ideas for the development of the activities of the institution. Services provided by company type is consulting, training, and production of knowledge, media and launch youth projects. The activities of the institution and periodic events ranging from lectures, seminars, training, workshops and community projects, youth and research, studies and information programs.

Location - 
Address: Al Sheikh Mohammed Bin Omair Al Hinai Mosque, 3511 Way, Al Khoud Street, Al Khoud, Seeb, Muscat Governorate, Sultanate of Oman

Contact Information -
Phone: 00968 2464499, Fax: 00968 24693339
Web: http://taaluf.org 
E-mail: info@taaluf.org

Lactures by: Omar Abd Al-Kafi Lectures

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