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Oman land of peace&leadership

Oman land of peace&leadership

Oman land of peace & leadership

The Land of Frankincense Museum is considered one of the most prominent historical museums in Oman because it includes historical and cultural features from different eras. The museum is located in Dhofar Governoratein the heart of a historic site that was registered in UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000 as an archaeological and tourism park after consultation with the international organisation.

Location -
Address: PO Box-699, Al Balid, As Sultan Qaboos Street, Salalah 211, Sultanat of Oman

Contact Information -
Contact: 00968 23294549, Fax: 00968 23303577 
Web: http://omantourism.gov.om/wps/portal/mot/tourism/oman/home/experiences/culture/museums 
E-mail: incense@omantel.net.om

Opening Time: Saturday-Thursday 7.30am-2.30pm, Closed on Friday

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