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Sobeh's Medical Center

Sobeh's Medical Center

Sobeh's Medical Center

Sobeh's Medical Center in Muscat

Sobeh’s Medical Center is a comprehensive Day Care facility that is driven by the demand of the region providing highest standard of medical treatments with the state of the art equipments and facilities. The center is a complete day care and surgical unit offering outpatient treatments and day care procedures. The center is a flagship medical center of Dr.Sobeh’s Clinic and Sobeh's Vascular and Medical Center in Dubai Healthcare City, UAE.

Dr.M.S.Sobeh, the world-renowned vascular surgeon heads the medical team.


Our Vision

Our vision statement is to provide a high quality ambulatory patient care in a professional and safe environment .To constantly improve our services and provide our patients with the best care, quality and value.



Sobeh's Medical Center

Second Floor

The Walk

Al Mouj

P.P.Box: 94

Muscat, Oman


Contact us

+968 2454 5137

+968 2427 2403

Email: info@sobehmc.com

Website: www.sobehmc.com

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