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Bukha is a wilayat and town in the Musandam governorate of Oman. The other wilayat or comunes in the region are Khasab, Daba Al Bayah and Madha. Khasab town is the regional center of the governorate.


The fishing harbour is at the southern end of Bukha towards Tibat. One police station, Baldiya (Municipal Body), hospital, and school are available in Bukha.


Bukha has many shops for daily items as well as lot of coffee shops and restaurants. As Indians, and especially Malbaris (Indians from Kerala), are staying there in large numbers, items consumed by Indians are easily available and most restaurants offer Indian food.


Bukha has two beaches. The water is clean, as the Government of Oman's Ministry of Environment strictly enforces regulations about the disposal of fluids in the sea.


Bukha's population is increasing slowing due to an upcoming project in the south near the international border at Tibat (border with UAE emirate Ras al-Khaimah)

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